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    2. Product Name: QT5-15 automatic cement block making machine
      Date: 2019-11-20 14:28:21
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      About Us:

              SANCIDALO  Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. We are professional machinery enterprise with perfect incorporation of development, production, sales and service. Our mainly products includes...

      Detailed introduction

      QT5-15 automatic cement block making machine

      Forming cycle fast,15-20s per mould. High pressure double upper and down,pressure reach 20-30Mpa.No pollution during bricks forming, high efficient.

      cement block making machine

      1.Working Process Brief Introduction

      Our QT5-15 cement brick making production line starts with a batching machine that weighs the raw material (sand, crushed stone and other materials) according to the customer desires ratio. Then it transfer the materials to the mixer hopper.

      ?The mixer hopper automatically transfers the material into the mixer to make the correct formulation.

      ?After being mixed it is poured onto the conveyor system that sends it to the automatic cement block making machine. The block pressing machine vibrates the mixture into the desired mold and sends out the finished block on the other end on the PVC pallets.

      ?After this, it is sent to the stacker which takes the finished blocks and stacks them to be moved around the drying yard with a forklift.

      ?All this is operated by the main control panel on the opposite side of the production line and all operational equipment has safety wire screening to protect the workers. ?The machines comes with three different size molds and 1000 PVC pallets.

      cement brick making machine

      2.Advantage of qt5-15 block making machine 

      1. Our automatic cement block making machine carry out strict supervision during production and make sure every finished product with high quality.

      2. Delivery time is 20 days after your deposit, which also will be on basis of your order.

      3. Warranty is 12 months.

      4. T/T and L/C and Western Union, Money Gram are acceptable.

      5. Designing factory, technical support project.

      6. Engineer available for overseas installation, debugging and training workers.

      7. Provide some accessories and one mould for no payment.

      8. Related mixer and pallets and batch plant and cement silo and so on for sale.

      9. All necessary documents and videos.

      10. If you have some other needs, we can help customers to purchase something in China with lowest price.

      brick making machinery

      3.Production capacity

      QT5-15 automatic cement block making machine(圖4)

      QT5-15 automatic cement block making machine(圖5)

      QT5-15 automatic cement block making machine(圖6)

      Hourdi Block

      Block Size: 500x200x200mm

      Hollow Block

      Block Size: 400x200x200mm

      Uni Paver 

      Block size: 225x112.5x60mm

      7200-9600pcs   blocks per 8 hours

      7200-9600pcs   blocks per 8 hours

      18500-23000pcs blocks per 8 hour

      With Quality and Service ---- We Provide the Integrated Solutions for Block Making Machine

      brick maker machine


      1> Is this cement block making machine suitable for us to use?
      Answer:Could you pls tell us the investment plan?the capacity you want?what kind of bricks do you want to make?Then we could advice the most fitting model for you.
      2>Which industry did this cement brick machinery usually be used in?
      Answer: Hollow Block,Muticelullar bricks,Paving bricks,Standard bricks,etc
      3>How to use the bricks maker machine?
      Answer: We will send the operating manual to you after you purchase the machine.
      4>How about the after sale service of block machinery?
      Answer: 1 year guarantee for the whole machine (without the spare parts),good machine no need after sale service,we keep the superior quality machine for you.  

      5>What's your payment term?

      Answer: Our common payment is 30% deposit by T/T before arrange the machine production,70% balancebefore the delivery,if other payment term,we can negotiation.

      automatic cement brick making machine

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