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    2. Product Name: QT4-24 Cement paver block making machine for paving bricks
      Date: 2019-11-05 13:48:49
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      About Us:

              SANCIDALO  Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. We are professional machinery enterprise with perfect incorporation of development, production, sales and service. Our mainly products includes...

      Detailed introduction

      QT4-24 Cement paver block making machine for paving bricks

      It is a special equipment for producing concrete paver blocks. It can widely use crushed stone, River sand, tailings, coal gangue, fly ash, slag, volcanic ash, expanded perlite and other raw materials to produce various wall blocks and ground blocks by replacing moulds.

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      1.     QT4-24 cement brick machine description

      1). QT4-24 type cement paver block making machine is a product designed and developed by our company on the basis of the advantages of small block moulding machine in the past.

      2).The paver block machine has reasonable design structure and advanced technology. Super-strong vibration motor is installed in the upper mold, and mechanical double-axis synchronous vibration box is installed in the lower mold. The vertical directional vibration can be realized by using four vertical axes. The produced block has uniform compactness and high strength, and its performance and quality are comparable to those of large-scale equipment.

      3). Vibration Type: Mould box and press head vibration 

      Vibration Force:35KN

            Vibration Frequency: 2800-4500 r/min

      4). Lifting mode speed: 110mm/s

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      2. Production capacity:

      High output: The efficient production line ensured the large capacity of the machine, it can produce 2160-13440 pieces blocks per day according to block size

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      3. Our Payment &Service:

      Seller Support: Trade Assurance protect your orders from payment to delivery.

      Payments: We also supports L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram payments for offline orders.

      Value-added services:

      Production view: Track the production process of your order.

      One-Stop Service: Fulfillment service for your dropshipping business. Customization, packaging and labeling and more.

      4. FAQ:

      1).How can I trust your vibrated block making machines' quality?
      Our products has been checked and got the certification ISO9001 and CE, our machines have been exported to more than 100 countries and always have a good reputation of its quality.What's more,every machine will be tested carefully before shipment,making sure all the machines operate perfectly when it comes to your hand.

      2).How long is the guarantee?
      Our warranty is one year.

      3).Can you help for installation?
      For some products, we will send a professional and high levels installation engineer team at the same time the product properly to the destination, in order to supply you a full range of products installation services.

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